Spring Inspiration

The Hamptons style is slowly but surely winning the hearts of Australian homeowners. Originating in the USA, this style takes its name from the exclusive coastal resort of the Hamptons - a suburb of New York. Local residents and vacationers love subtly stated, cozy homes that combine informal beachfront style with high-class sophistication and luxury.

The Hamptons style is an aesthetic that offers wide appeal due to its versatility, elegance, and simplicity. You can easily implement it within your own home interior by following a few simple design tips.

Bringing homely luxury to interior design

Hamptons style doesn’t accommodate kitsch – a true Hampton interior shines by encompassing elegant furniture, quality materials, and understated accessories. Furniture in this style channels comfort and timeless elegance, which creates a relaxing atmosphere ideal for unwinding after a hectic day. American classics coupled with Mediterranean style and Art Deco create a unique blend of sophistication with a touch of individuality.

Add a Hamptons style coffee table to your living room and experience a transformation of the space, offering refinement with an additional focal point. Combined with any furniture style, our new collection creates an inviting, finished look.

Fill the room with light

The Hamptons style is inspired by the view of the Atlantic Ocean and its coastal atmosphere that forms the basis of the Hamptons colour palette. Waves, sand, and endless sky smoothly flow into the interior, blurring the boundaries. Pastel colours and lots of natural light enliven the interior, making the room airy and energised. Floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal as they flood the space with natural light, but if this is not possible, then you can introduce artificial light at a range of levels using floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps.

OneWorld Collection provides a wide range of designer chandeliers that not only fill the room with light but also add intricate design detail to the space.

Design, styling and photography by Kylie Redden

Emphasis on textiles

A Hamptons interior is typically filled with textiles - clean, crisp and simple. Soft furnishings with textured fabrics such as linen or cotton offer an inviting space to spend time in and amplify a light, airy aesthetic. Light-coloured voile tulle for example is a perfect choice for your Hamptons living room. Don’t be afraid to add throw pillows in abundance to your Hamptons inspired space as they’re a staple for this design.

Carry this coveted style through to your sleep space with our range of classic and contemporary bedheads. Opt for a fully upholstered finish or dress a shuttered wooden bed head with your own soft furnishings to inject your preferred colour into the room.

Home furniture showcasing classic design

Hamptons home interiors embody a timeless, understated elegance unrivalled by other styles. In keeping with the design aesthetic, furniture shouldn't look too heavy, so we recommend avoiding over-embellishment and streamlining accessories. In keeping with Hamptons style, furniture shapes and sizes are traditionally generous and inviting. They offer an environment that welcomes you to comfortably entertain guests or lose yourself in your favourite magazine for the afternoon.

Take a look at our sofa collection and find the perfect match for your living room interior.

Attention to detail for a complete interior

Not to be underestimated, it’s the finer details that really make a Hamptons style space come together. Think candleholders, vases, clocks, plates and mirrors. Nautical accessories inspired by coastal scenes offer charm and originality when planning the final touches for your living space or bedroom.

Our new collection of Hamptons style mirrors give the impression of more space and reflect light around the room. Choose from a carefully considered collection of shapes and frames to inject your own style preference and personality to the interior.

If you’re hesitating about an interior style for your home, our Hamptons inspired furniture and accessories range should provide plenty of food for thought. Influenced by coastal colours and nautical themes, it’s an overall favourite that gives you the opportunity to take it in your own direction with its range of accessories. Explore the OneWorld catalogue to start planning your own Hampton inspired space today.